Pre MTC Training

The Church has just come out with an amazing new program for pre-missionaries. I love it! It is a Pre MTC training program. It is only approved for a few missions however. I believe right now it is only available for those who are going to a select 15 missions. I do not know what missions those are.

What is the program about?

It is to help us missionaries set goals and study before we enter the MTC. They will assign an online tutor to you and they will be with you through out the whole time. I LOVE my tutor, she is so perfect for me!

What types of things do you do?

What happens is your tutor will set up a time to Skype with you and together you will make goals on what you should study in the week, or how your testimony grows, or even sometimes you will teach them a lesson known as "role plays". It all depends on what your progress is and where you are at in your studies. Typically they meet with you over Skype once a week. To make sure you are doing good in studying and feeling good about your mission. They are there to challenge you and help you become comfortable in sharing the gospel.

My Story

I was assigned Sister Kuster as my online tutor. She is AMAZING! I love her so much.

I got an email saying that I was selected for a pilot Pre MTC training program and she was my assigned tutor and I had to fill out a questionnaire. Once I filled that out about two days later I got a phone call from Sister Kuster. We scheduled a time to Skype and introduce our selves.

Right off the bat I loved her! She is so bubbly and energetic! I felt so loved and that she truly cared about me.

Every week we would Skype each other and talk anywhere from 30 mins to an hour and a half. I loved those days I got to talk with her! I would share with her what happened in my week, what I was studying and how I shared the gospel in the week. We would talk about the difficulties of life, the miracles I saw, and the way I shared my light with others.

It wasn't always just Skyping either. She would text me and Facebook me. She would send encouraging messages and videos. She would set up questions to make me think about what I was studying. To really dig deep into my testimony. It was amazing!


I had the opportunity to go to conference this April and it happened to be on my 19th birthday as well. Can you say HALLELUJAH?!?! Holy Cow it was perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better. However..... Something incredible happened.

I had been praying ever since I met Sister Kuster that one day I would be able to met her in person. Well, when you put the Lords work first He blesses you.

Isn't she adorable? I love you Sister Kuster!

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